I’m Back!

I took the professional writing career thing on hiatus for a little while, but for very good reasons (I think. Too late now!) I’m back with the announcement that the academy was mad enough to admit me as a colleague “with all the rights and privileges pertaining thereto,” and I’m now Dr. Bowery, PhD. 

That and a full-time teaching load would be enough to buy me a cup of coffee, but hey. It’s still an achievement that I’m proud of, even if it doesn’t do much other than give my mother naches*.

And with that done, I suddenly have both time in my schedule and energy in my brain for fiction. I’ve pulled out the 1/3-finished draft of Roberta’s Folly and honest to God, I still really love it. So I’m diving back into the world of Regency England head-first, with Cecily’s love story. I’d dearly love to be able to finish it and get it out for Pride next year, but no promises at the moment. 

I’m just glad to be back! 

* The right and pleasure of bragging about someone else’s achievements, especially those of your children. Also see: “but Ellen’s daughter is a neurosurgeon.”