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  2. Author Bio
  3. Short Author Bio
  4. High-resolution book covers
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  6. Individual book press kits

Contact Tess via form or at press at tessbowery dot com

Rite of Summer Release Page (Samhain Publishing)

She Whom I Love Release Page (Samhain Publishing)

High Contrast Release Page (Samhain Publishing)

That Potent Alchemy Release Page (Published Independently)

Author Bio (145 words):

Tess Bowery lives near the ocean, which sounds lovely, except when it snows. An historian by training and a theater person by passion, she’s parleyed her Masters degree in English history into something that would give her former professors something of a surprise.

Her love for the Regency era began as they always do, with Jane Austen, and took a sharp left turn into LBGT biographies and microhistory. Now she indulges in both of her passions, telling the stories of her community in the time periods that fire the human imagination.  Her first foray into contemporary M/M fiction, High Contrast, released in 2016.

Along with writing, Tess splits her time between teaching, backstage work, LBGT activism and her family. She spends far too much money on comic books, loves superheroes and ghost stories, and still can’t figure out how to use Twitter properly.

Get updates and book information at, or hang out with Tess at, or @tessbowery on Twitter.

Short Author Bio (60 words):

Tess Bowery is an east coast writer of historical LBGT erotic romance (can it get more niche?) Currently a PhD candidate with  with a masters in history, she abuses her education relentlessly in pursuit of happy endings. Treading the Boards is her first series.

Get updates and book information at, or join Tess at, or @tessbowery on Twitter.

 High resolution book covers:

RiteOfSummer300 RiteOfSummer300b_w

SheWhomILove300 SheWhomILove300_bw

HighContrast300 HighContrast300grey

Copyright © 2015 / 2016 Samhain Publishing. All rights reserved.

that-potent-alchemy-final-ebook that-potent-alchemy-final-ebook-greyscale

Copyright © 2016 Tess Bowery. All rights reserved.

Author photos:

Tess_headshot1mask_bw Tess_headshot1mask

Press kit for Rite of Summer (excerpts, pull quotes, etc.)

Press kit for She Whom I Love (excerpts, pull quotes, etc.)

Press kit for That Potent Alchemy (excerpts, pull quotes, etc.)

Press kit for High Contrast (excerpts, pull quotes, etc.)

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