Treading the Boards is back in print!

treading the boards - all covers

The Treading the Boards queer regency romance series is back in print! After a hiatus, the best-selling trilogy is finally back together and available for purchase.

Slightly Smart-ass Summaries

Rite of Summer: Gay men in a disaster!triad. Sex solves a lot of things, but actually talking about problems solves more. Not a polyamorous ending.

She Whom I Love: Bisexual best friends share a very confused (yet grateful) straight man. Disaster is narrowly averted. A very polyamorous ending.*

*Shortlisted twice for the Bisexual Book Awards, 2015 – Best Romance, Best Erotic Fiction.

That Potent Alchemy: Genderqueer ballet dancer hates gender, ballet, and emotional connection. Macbeth helps. No polyamory in this one at all.

Where to find them

All the books are selling for $3.99 US, in both epub and mobi formats. Get them direct from me through my website, or from Barnes and Noble, Kobo, the iStore and a couple of smaller retailers. See the sidebar for the major links, or hit up the universal book links below to see the more eclectic options. The universal book links are more dynamic lists, and they’ll be adding more sellers over the next few weeks.

Rite of Summer Universal Book Link

She Whom I Love Universal Book Link

That Potent Alchemy Universal Book Link

That Potent Alchemy is available at Amazon in ebook format already, and the other two should be relisted very soon as well (see below – oh, bureaucracy and paperwork!)

Paperback versions are coming for all three romances through Amazon / Createspace – they’re having some drama over the rights release forms and proof of copyright ownership, but with any luck they’ll release the print and Kindle versions some time this week.

Any more news?

Roberta’s Folly (TTB book 4 – Cecily’s story) is still underway, though the writing has taken a major backseat to grad work. I’m hoping for a later 2019 release, but not making any announcements as of yet.

Thanks so much for sticking with me, and the series! It’s been a crazy couple of years, and I look forward to writing for fun again – and sharing that with all of you.