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So this is my blog! I’m a queer novelist, writing books about complicated LGBT relationships of all stripes and flavours. My first series, Treading the Boards, is being published by Samhain Publishing. Watch this spot for more news about future projects!

Rite of Summer is the first of a series of novels under the titles Treading the Boards, erotic and queer-ish romances about artists and performers in Regency England. The second book,  She Whom I Love, focuses on a F/F/M poly triad of an actress, a staymaker and a would-be playwright, and there are a few more gunshots and close escapes than in the first volume!

I’m currently working on the third book, That Potent Alchemy (F/M), about a dancer and a stage mechanist, so my reading list is currently full of books about the nineteenth century minor theatres, stage spectacles and the evolution of the forms of ballet.

As for the personal details, I’m keeping it simple on the east coast. I’ve got a long-term partner, a couple of keyboard cats, and a few too many fish. My fixation on history has been brewing for a long time, and I’m overjoyed to have a chance to add some queer narratives back into some of the time periods we all love so dearly.

Come play with me!

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