Samhain is closing – books moving.

This just in – Samhain is closing. They gave me my start and I’ll always be grateful for that.
In the meantime, if you’ve been putting off picking up any of my books, grab them now before they’re removed from vendors. I will be reissuing them, but it will take a couple of months to get rights and next steps all figured out. Buy links are all in the sidebar. If you’ve bought the books already, make sure you have the files saved offline somewhere. If you have trouble retrieving the files, let me know and I’ll get them to you.

(That Potent Alchemy was not published through Samhain, and will remain available.)

I have some plans in the works to make the books available again, but I can’t do anything about it until I’ve received all the rights back. For the moment, the books can be bought, and they will be available again. I’ll update you all as things progress.

Thank you for sticking with me! Every problem is an opportunity, right? We will persist. <3


The message from Samhain below the cut.


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USA Today article!

I’ve been face-first head-down in academic work lately and generally absent from the social media scene, but I had to share this with you because I’m just so, so chuffed. USA Today’s ‘Rainbow Trends’ column today has Rite of Summer listed as a must-read, alongside two of my own all-time favourites – KJ Charles and the writing team of Summer Devon & Bonnie Dee. I love my little book, my debut, my baby, and I’m over the moon right now seeing it in such august company.

Check it out here, share and discuss!

Rainbow Trends: Let’s talk about historicals set at English country estates

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All Romance eBooks implosion

Some folks may be up on the news – for those who aren’t, the brief summary is that ARe, a big romance novel book retailer, is going out of business in rather shady ways. The full scenario is here:

And an update has been added here.

If anyone picked up copies of my books from ARe and hasn’t been able to redownload them in time, let me know, and I’ll get the files to you personally. (comment here, fill in the contact form, email me, or hit me up on social media – any of that will work!)

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Did I mention That Potent Alchemy is on sale?

Because it is! for $0.99 across all platforms!
Actress Grace Owens has been trying to put her painful past behind her, but when stage
technician Isaac offers her a life of passion, she has to make the choice –
face her fears, learn to trust, or lose her chance at love forever…


Already an ARe bestseller, That Potent Alchemy is on sale for $0.99 until November 20, 2016! Grab it now at major ebook retailers:


All Romance eBooks

Barnes & Noble, Kobo, iTunes and more

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A truly lovely review – That Potent Alchemy

Another fantastic review of That Potent Alchemy has gone up – I’m so thrilled that this story is resonating with readers, and every review makes me so, so proud.

“one intriguing, tender and real love story.”

“it had everything I love in a good romance – initial hesitation, slow getting to know each other which leads to moments of tenderness and true intimacy…It short, this is a wonderful historical romance done with a lot of thought and care about the details. Definitely a recommended read!”

Buy That Potent Alchemy on Amazon

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Gorgeous Review for That Potent Alchemy

Stitch’s Media Mix just put up the most gorgeous review of TPA I’m ever likely to see. I’m not sure which line is making me tear up more –

That Potent Alchemy gave me that sense of belonging, that “I could be here” feeling that I rarely find in the historical romances I read.“

“In Tess Bowery’s England, there’s room for queer women and genderfluid people to be.”

The reason I started writing Regency was because there were so few stories out there that centered people like me, and like my friends and family in the LBGTQ community. Knowing that I was able to give that feeling of belonging to even one other person – that there is someone in the world who saw themselves reflected in my pages – that’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve done what I needed to do.

I can now die happy. (In the metaphorical sense, I promise!)

[Book Review] That Potent Alchemy by Tess Bowery

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Mailing List Time!

With That Potent Alchemy coming out in October, and some very sweet sales deals in the works for readers, I figured it was time to start making a proper mailing list for this stuff rather than fling information out into the abyss and hope readers see it.

My current plans are to send out updates on a monthly basis, with book news, upcoming sales, giveaways and maybe some extra goodies for mailing list members.

(There may be occasional “Quick! A Sale!” emails, as some sites are prone to running flash sales with great deals and limited notice, that folks might want to get in on, but I’ll try and keep everything else to the regular update schedule.)

So if you want to hear about everything first, ask weird questions, be sure never to miss an update or a discount, and be first in line for promo goodies, add yourself on the form.

I will never spam, or give email addresses to anyone else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe to the mailing list and never miss a release!

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