That Potent Alchemy – Cover Reveal!

What time is it again? It’s Tess Avoids Work By Doing Book Promo time again!

Except I’m actually really excited about this. Cover reveal time! For the third and officially-final book in the Treading the Boards ‘trilogy,’ That Potent Alchemy.

(I’ll still be writing in this universe, but not under that series title — I’ll also be branching out some from theatre people. Cecily’s story is next, coming in Roberta’s Folly.)

That Potent Alchemy is Grace’s story, and I’m really proud of the way it’s worked out!  Many thanks to Mosaic Stock and models Christa and Brian for making this happen. <3

Without further ado… meet Grace and Isaac!

That Potent Alchemy-final ebook
Is his love her safe place to land…or just smoke and mirrors?

Grace Owens danced her feet bloody to become the finest en pointe prodigy of her generation, but the only accolade she longed for—her father’s approval—never came. Finally, broken and defeated, she cut ties and fled to London to live life on her own terms.

Now, after four years as an actress in London’s smaller theatres, a last-minute production change lands her right where she never wanted to be again. Front and center in the ballet—and back in toe shoes.

From his perch on the catwalks, machinist and stagecraft illusionist Isaac Caird can’t take his eyes off Grace. A woman who wears men’s clothing, but not as a disguise. An exquisite beauty who doesn’t keep a lover. A skilled dancer who clearly hates every pirouette.

The perfect lines of her delicate body inspire him to create a new illusion—with her as the centerpiece—that will guarantee sold-out shows. Maybe even attract a royal’s patronage. But first he has to get her to look at him. And convince her the danger is minimal—especially within the circle of his arms.

Featuring a gender-fluid ballet dancer, an amateur chemist who only occasionally starts fires, and an old rivalry that could tear them apart.

So. The book is available for pre-order NOW, and will release officially on October 4th.



(More channels coming over the next few days as the pre-order links go live.)

I do have a number of (free) Advance Reader Copies available, offered in return for an honest review. If you’d like a copy of TPA to review for your blog, please let me know in the comments here, find me on twitter or on tumblr.