Mailing List Time!

With That Potent Alchemy coming out in October, and some very sweet sales deals in the works for readers, I figured it was time to start making a proper mailing list for this stuff rather than fling information out into the abyss and hope readers see it.

My current plans are to send out updates on a monthly basis, with book news, upcoming sales, giveaways and maybe some extra goodies for mailing list members.

(There may be occasional “Quick! A Sale!” emails, as some sites are prone to running flash sales with great deals and limited notice, that folks might want to get in on, but I’ll try and keep everything else to the regular update schedule.)

So if you want to hear about everything first, ask weird questions, be sure never to miss an update or a discount, and be first in line for promo goodies, add yourself on the form.

I will never spam, or give email addresses to anyone else, and you can unsubscribe at any time.

Subscribe to the mailing list and never miss a release!

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