Gorgeous Review for That Potent Alchemy

Stitch’s Media Mix just put up the most gorgeous review of TPA I’m ever likely to see. I’m not sure which line is making me tear up more –

That Potent Alchemy gave me that sense of belonging, that “I could be here” feeling that I rarely find in the historical romances I read.“

“In Tess Bowery’s England, there’s room for queer women and genderfluid people to be.”

The reason I started writing Regency was because there were so few stories out there that centered people like me, and like my friends and family in the LBGTQ community. Knowing that I was able to give that feeling of belonging to even one other person – that there is someone in the world who saw themselves reflected in my pages – that’s the best feeling in the world. I’ve done what I needed to do.

I can now die happy. (In the metaphorical sense, I promise!)

[Book Review] That Potent Alchemy by Tess Bowery