Promotion questions!

So I’m a little bit less than six months out from Release Day (dun dun dunnnnnn), and that means I’ve gotta start doing… something. Marketing calls it “building a platform,” which I think means “finding the cool kids and making them like me,” but I already have you guys reading me, so! 

(har. It sounds like I’m either sucking up or being sarcastic, but it’s more like… sarcastically truthful because all y’all are my actualfax first adopters, my best encouragement, and that means more to me than I can ever express.)

I’ve been poking around on places like Goodreads, and a lot of folks do contests and giveaways to get copies out, send review copies around, that sort of thing. I was wondering, though, what kind of promos do you want to see from an author? Preview chapters? Character profiles? Are the free copy giveaways actually a thing people enjoy? 

You have the chance to shape my promos and bend me to your will! (within the legal constraints of my contract, must be over 18 to read this hot hot sexing, entrants may be asked a skill-testing question, offer not available in Quebec.)

Hit me. 😀