Of course, this blog amazing and the work you do is awesome! I have to do a research term paper this semester for a theatre history class on theatre from Grecian to Elizabethan periods. I would like to do a research paper on Black people/POC, and I know you specialize in art, but do you have information on POC in theatre? It’d be really helpful if you have ANY information. Thanks!


Thank you!And, absolutely!

History of Black and Asian Performance form the Victoria and Albert Museum (series of articles) is a fantastic place to start…fair warning, you’re definitely going to have to refine your topic:

Here is a series of downloadable PDFs from the V&A.

Here is some further reading on this topic:

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Here’s a link to Disabusing-Common-Notions, which deals specifically with people of color in European Drama and Theater.

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Here’s a post about the work of Wole Soyinka, whose work involves analysis of Ancient Greek, Yoruba, and Italian Theater.