She Whom I Love – update!

W00t! Two chapters drafted. I always find the first bit of a story the absolute hardest; I’ve got major plot events outlined, a list of characters and their main attributes, and now I have to find not only all their voices but the structure of the book and the points of view and all the technical stuff that can get in the way of just telling the story. It’s all rather Sysephian, until somewhere around the chapter-four mark. 

11200 / 98000 words. 11% done!

Current music: streaming true crime videos off of YouTube

Current reading: Playing to the Crowd: London Popular Theatre, 1780 – 1830. Frederick Burwick. 

Things researched: Minor London theatres, neighbourhood where actors lived, Georgian melodrama, 19th century slang.

Mean things: Unrequited passion, being queer in a straight world.

Nice things: Friendships never end

Favorite Line: 

Grace simply shook her head. “Taking presents from admirers is one thing; chasing them is another. Players are all thieves, vagabonds and whores in the eyes of the law. Don’t give anyone a chance to prove their suspicions right.”