She Whom I Love releases TOMORROW!

[conga line happens]

Don’t forget to pre-order your copy from Amazon, Barnes and Noble or Samhain while the pre-order discount is still active! (see links in the sidebar – click on the book cover to drop them down). We’re having one hell of a party here at 7 pm Eastern, over in the launch party chat room. But before that, there’s a release day blitz! Come find reviews, contests and prizes (including an amazon gift card) going on the following blogs all day tomorrow:

My deep and abiding love for Tia at Worldwind Book Tours for the arrangements! It’s party time!

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Launch Party!


Launch party at 7 pm Eastern on December 29th! And check out the giveaway:


The Gifts:

  • A $25 Amazon gift certificate;
  • A signed trade paperback copy of the book;
  • One of three silver or copper-toned book-style double lockets, with coordinating chain;
  • One of five silver-tone antique book charms, on either a chain or keychain. (winner’s choice).

– Ten winners in total. –


  1. Shipping worldwide
  2. Must be willing to give me your mailing address
  3. If you’re under 18, you must have your parents/guardians permission, and you are not eligible to receive the book. (It’s got dicks and boobs, dudes. Sorry. I have to do this one legally.)
  4. The winners will be drawn by random number generator at regular intervals during the launch party on December 29th.
  5. Winners must be present in the chat room at the time of each drawing in order to receive a prize (or have reblogged the original giveaway post on Tumblr).

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Review of Rite of Summer by Award-winner KJ Charles

OMG. Yes, that KJ Charles, who pretty much swept the Rainbow Awards this year. /fans self furiously.

Look at what she had to say about Rite of Summer, over on Goodreads!

“Stephen and Joshua are both lovely characters, and Stephen’s relationship with Evander is very well done. What’s super special about this is the historical grounding, though. All the MCs are artists, not aristos, and the Georgian gay underworld is really well delineated. I don’t think I’ve seen the Vere Street Coterie mentioned in a romance before now, and the consequences of that ghastly (offpage) event are brilliantly worked through. Really solid read from an exciting new to me author.”


(I may be a little bit excited. She likes me!)

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Enter to Win a copy of She Whom I Love!

Kam’s Place is running a contest and giveaway to celebrate the opening of pre-orders for She Whom I Love! Comment on the review before midnight on Saturday the 21st to be entered into the draw. 

4.5/5 Stars from Reviewer Kameron Brook!

Now this was a hot erotic tale. Two ladies, best of friends, take the plunge and take their friendship to the next level. Let me tell you what folks, that monumental turning point was HOT, HOT, HOT.”

Read more, and comment to enter! 

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Goodreads reviews for She Whom I Love!

Oh man, what a month it’s been! So many wonderful things are happening all at once, and I’ve been sadly neglecting this poor blog. As always, for real time microblogging and quick updates, you can find me on Tumblr.

So what’s been going on? We’re only a little more than a month away from She Whom I Love‘s release date, so my world is revolving around promos, interviews and setting up the SUPER AMAZEBALLS online release party we’re going to have on December 29th. Sick of turkey and need an excuse to get away from the inlaws? Come hang out in my chatroom, chatter about books and win prizes!

Rite of Summer hit the top five in “Best Historical M/M romances of 2015 on Goodreads! Check this out, yo:


There are my boys. <3 If you haven’t picked up a copy of Rite of Summer yet, it’s available through all the usual suspects (see book cover in the sidebar).

Reviews for She Whom I Love have started coming in on Goodreads, and so far I am riding high. 5/5 stars on all three ARC reviews, and some fantastic pull quotes. I like the one that calls it “downright sinful” and “very much recommended.” 😉 Check out Goodreads for more of the reviews and put She Whom I Love on your to-be-read lists.

Amazon has opened pre-orders for the print and e-book versions, so you can pay now, and have the book delivered to your account instantaneously upon release on December 29th. There’s no easier way to get your erotic romances, except perhaps to have them hand-delivered by Idris Elba wearing only a bow tie, but that’s a fantasy we’ll have to keep to ourselves. (shhh.)

Speaking of books being delivered, this is what I originally wanted to share with you today — my author’s copies of She Whom I Love came today! I couldn’t wait, and opened the box right there in the Purolator office:


[screaming internally]

I can’t get over how good they look. Gabrielle Prendergast is the artist at Samhain who does my covers, and I can’t praise her work enough. She’s a wizard!


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Excerpt — She Whom I Love

We’re closing in on a month away from pre-orders, and the reviews have started coming in! I am so excited — She whom I Love is sitting at 5 stars on Goodreads right now, and I couldn’t be happier! If you’re looking for a review copy, do let me know. SWIL is currently up on Netgalley, for those who have access there, and I have some ARCs that need to find good homes.

In the meantime, to whet your appetite a little have an excerpt! In this scene, Sarah (Sophie) is visiting Marguerite, and struggling with the feelings her best friend has inadvertently dredged up from deep within… (mildly explicit language, pining, apparently unrequited F/F lust).


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Morning, lovelies!

I’m poking at my cover copy for High Contrast this week. Here’s a first try at it:

Jacob Shain is living the life of your average member of Generation Screwed in NYC. He has a boring internship, no cash flow, a tiny apartment that he has to share with his much-cooler tattoo-artist twin brother, and his romantic life is DOA. At least, until the day his brother’s shop hires on a new piercer, and Jacob’s boring life takes a turn for the weird.

Cody is gorgeous, funny and kind—he’s everything Jacob wants in a boyfriend. Except for the way he refuses to talk about his past, or where he lives, or anything about his personal life. And when Jacob’s brother is arrested, the bully at Jacob’s office steps up his harassment, Cody’s devastating secrets come to light and the mob gets involved, Jacob has to choose: stay the good boy forever, or dive headfirst into a world he barely understands.

Warning: Contains a good boy who wants to be bad, a bad boy who longs to be good, bodies that are canvases for living art and high-speed chases with police dogs.

It’s not quite there yet, and I can probably get another short paragraph in there, but it’s a start. What do all y’all think?

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New Series! This time, contemporary.

I promised that I would announce it when the paperwork was done. I’ve just signed the contract for a new book with my publisher, Samhain.

The book will be called High Contrast, is an M/M romance, and is the first in a new series of New Adult romances: Evolution Ink. Subsequent books will follow the love lives of other employees of the titular tattoo shop, and keep the same sort of themes and feel as were explored in TCBHS.

This series will be queer in varying ways (not just white M/M, I promise you right here and now), with a racially diverse group of heroes and heroines. As a queer writer with longstanding roots in the North American body mod subculture, I can also promise to treat my subject with dignity and respect.

High Contrast will be released in Spring 2016. Stay tuned over the next few months for news, cover reveals and giveaways!

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