High Contrast (Evolution Ink #1)


Romance Times says: “…well-written and the sex scenes are steamy. Readers will especially enjoy the way Bowery plays with stereotypes, gender roles and other social norms. A steamy, sexy read!”

And an    ARe Best Seller!


“Are you a fan of gay romantic comedies? If you answered yes, then you MUST buy High Contrast… when these two finally succumbed to their desires……. Holy smokes!!! Trust me, you won’t want to miss a single minute of the lovin.” – Kameron Brook

“The romance was very palpable with unbelievably hot steamy scenes and the writing was truly entertaining and engaging”

“this is one book I will recommend for anyone looking for something that is angst-free and just feel-good all over”

“super fun, very engaging, the flow was easy and overall quite addicting. Page turner. There was humor, drama, some angst and a lot of love and friendship…like I was watching an episode of FRIENDS”

” I loved the ease [of] Tess Bowery’s writing style, and the realistic edge to the storytelling, making it beyond easy to immerse myself”

Print Length: 237 pages, available in E-book or in print

Representation Notes: Gay cis male leads. Gay cis female secondary character.

The deepest scars aren’t the ones that show.

Jacob Shain is your average member of Generation Screwed. He has a boring internship, no cash flow, and a tiny NYC apartment he has to share with Ethan, his much-cooler, tattoo-artist twin brother. Not to mention his love life is DOA. At least, until his brother’s shop hires on a new piercer, and Jacob’s humdrum life takes a turn for the weird.

Cody Turner is gorgeous, funny and kind—everything Jacob wants in a boyfriend. Except for the way he refuses to talk about his past, or where he lives, or anything about his personal life.

When Ethan is arrested while on a mission of mercy, the reason Cody is so tight lipped comes to light. And while Jacob and Cody fight to understand the depth of their feelings for one another, the police dogs catch their scent. So does the local mob.

Now Jacob has to make the hardest choice of his life: stay safe like a good boy, or dive headfirst into a world he barely understands…and hope Cody is there to break his fall.

Warning: Contains a good boy who wants to be bad, a bad boy who longs to be good, bodies that are canvases for living art and high-speed chases with police dogs.

(Featuring a Jewish hero, an interfaith relationship, pot smoking, m/m erotic romance, and some body piercing.)


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